zaterdag 14 januari 2017

Trying out gel nail polish.

So i started using nail polish a while back. I always  have ugly nails so i wanted to make them looks better. 💅💅
In the beginning I had a real hard time to get it done, let alone make it look good. As i said I've  been doing it for a while now and i still don't  think it looks all that good, but I'm m satisfied. I ain't  no pro so who cares. What really does annoy me is that normal polish starts chipping off after a day or two...
I tried acrylic nails but that just isn't  my thing. Now I'm trying out gel polish. 
Because i didn't  want to go all in and buy all the needed stuff from a brand that is of high quality, i went on ebay and bought some small bottles and an uv lamp.
Before i started ive put some wood glue on my vinger so i can remove any mistakes i made without any problems.
You start with the base coat and than I've  placed my hand in de uv lamp for 2 minutes.
Than i put 3 layers of the main color on. This is probably an Dutch brand, not sure because i got it from my mom. In the picture you can see how thin it the polish is after one layer.
When i was done with the main color i used one layer of an color changing polish. This polish also has black dots in it which  gives it an little extra boost.
Last but not least i but on an top coat and cleaned it with a bit of polish remover. This is an very sticky layer and that is why i had to clean it of with some remover.
You can see the color changing. If i have pink nails, you'll know i am having it a bit cold. 😂
I'm really curious how long it will stay on!
The day after:
When i woke up this morging i allready saw some small chips 😡
But after the shower i was really pissed. Till half way of my left hand thumb it chipped off 😡😡 i have nailpolish that even stays longer on than this... I could cry. 
If you know why or have any rips please tell me!
Thanks for reading! 😘