donderdag 14 april 2016


So I havent been blogging in a while but I want to pick it up again and want to stick (mostly) to English.

A few months back I made me a profile on the website twitch. It was brought to my attention by a friend (Korumera). He told me it was a site were alot of people stream their gameplay. I gave it a look and got more and more into it. I thought; "I want to give this a try, I can totally do this".
So I searched the internet on how to get started with this. I downloaded the programs I needed and started streaming WOW.

I went to look up other female streamers that also just started and I found my new friend MySapphie.
Over te time we became close and we even started joking about meeting up. From one thing came the other and we actually did meet up. I took the airplane to Sweden and so did she. We met with three other people. 2 men from Sweden and another girl from Norway (Sapphie is also from Norway).
We had major fun and we became very close.
If you want to see some footage of that weekend you can check out my 2 short video's on youtube here: Youtube.

After a while I became bored with WOW (again) and I wanted to play a shooter. So I checked our Steam and found Counterstrike - global offensive. It wasent installed so I installed it, Checked it out for a bit and than started streaming it, Sapphie saw me playing it and wanted to check it out herself. And so she did and she loved it. We both suck soooo bad at this game. I a bit more that her hahah Till today we are still playing it and still sucking at it, but hey we have fun and thats what its all about!

In the meenwhile Twitch made a new Channel on the site called creative. And since i am kinda creative i also checked that out. I met a dude that was perling the shit out of creative :)
I wanted to try that out for a while now but couldnt make anything good. Thanks to him I found out that is was the wrong kind of beads.
So i bought some new beads and some good pegboards and also started streaming that stuff. He told me to make an etsy shop and so I did: Nerdy stuff by Kealima.

So yeah as you can see I havent been sleeping the last few months. I have been having alot of fun with these people!

If you want to see me stream come check in on me on Twitch and please drop me a follow!