zaterdag 30 april 2016

New start

So I have been working at the callcenter for over a year now. The work isnt all that bad and the colleagues are really nice but the distance and bad payment were killing me.
So I started looking around for a new job. I wanted something other than callcenter but I every application I did was denied or bluntly ignored :(
So when the email for callcenter for DHL came in I deceided to apply. The payment is 2,50 per hour more and the hours are better and its closer to where I live.

When Eltjo corrected my letter and I sent it in I got a call in like 20 minutes after. He had alot of questions and after that he asked me if I could come to Utrecht (its an hour drive for me) for a personal interview. And so i went to them on monday and on teusday I got a call that I'm welcome to join them into the second round at the office of DHL itself.

This was last thursday and it to 2 and half hours(!).

The program:

  • 1 minute pitch
  • roleplay
  • marshmellow challenge
  • twitter reply
  • interview with managers
  • listening in with agent
So I made my pitch and did the roleplay. They were very pleased with my roleplay and that really felt good.
After that we had to show some teamwork by building a tower with some tape, unboiled spagetti, rope and ontop had to go the marshmellow.
We had 10 minutes for this and we actually made it.

After that we had to answer a tweet from a agent wich was very rude.
And that I had my interview. I felt that it went great.

When all that stuff was done we got to go home and we would get an awnser by the next day.

On friday I got the call saying they liked me and that I am hired to join there force! 

So yaaaaaaay I got a new job.... Still call agent but yeah Im happy!